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 Ideas for improving Kinetic

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PostSubject: Ideas for improving Kinetic   Ideas for improving Kinetic Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 4:03 am

Hello team,

So this is a forum to discuss how we can further improve our faction.
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas for improving Kinetic   Ideas for improving Kinetic Icon_minitimeThu Oct 01, 2009 12:30 pm

I have some ideas about forum improvements.

  • First and foremost; move the forums to a non ad based server. I beg of u! hehehehe
    The forum is on a seperate server from our main page. The forum server has many limitations added on us.
    ---for instance at here are their features , the Free is of course similar to what we have available now on the main page except more features and space. The Post2Host which is also free, has one you are using the freebie service..hit their website forums at the host and assist or just generally get involved with forums. When you hit 50 posts at their forums..u get free upgrade to the "Post2Host" category.

    Features FreePost2Host
    Disk Space 1000MB 5000MB
    Bandwidth 10000MB50000
    cPanel/control panel yes yes
    Fantastico Script Installer yes yes
    Script Barn yes yes
    Websites3 6
    Php5 yesyes
    MySQL Databases3 unlimited
    CGI/Perlyes yes
    POP3 Email accounts10 unlimited
    SMTP sendmail yesyes
    Parked Domains3 unlimited
    Cron Jobs yes yes
    Custom Error Pages yes yes
    Forum posts required0 50
    sub-domain 3 unlimited
    Host your own domain yesyes
    Free .WS domain yes yes
    The difference between the forum we are using now and this one I am suggesting, is that we can set up our OWN phpBB board without Ads... And there should hopefully be a way to copy and paste the phpBB2 MySQL database that we have now over to the new server...including forum "tree" and the posts we have already done. phpBB developers themselves(not the forum host) are very helpful and skilled. They want you to succeed in doing what you want/need to do.
    Of course that all depends on if you have access to the database the forums are presently at, I can look into that later. I've not been to bed yet and I am DEAD tired lol.
    Just say NO! ADVERTISEMENTS 8)

    Here is a rough idea of what our new site could look like, because the forum and server are ours, we can change ANY picture, border or gif files we want and their are a plethora of templates at the phpBB website. I didn't get the time to set up the posting rights or add our big nifty Kinetic picture and circle links etc, but u can get an idea of how it could look. Click here for an example of phpBB3 on our own backbone and check out some of the features. PM me if you are a site admin and would like my log in and password to get an idea of just how easy, yet thorough the tweakability of the site is.
    ---there is a gallery system that also utilizes MySQL database as well and is easily streamlined into the phpBB as a plug-in's called Coppermine gallery. There is a stand alone version of coppermine we can attach to the servers I mentioned and just link to it from here, if you are unsure on how to transfer a database completely from one SQL to another or denied by the present host.

  • Second, there are many phpBB functions that we are "disallowed" usage of, including space for our gallery usage. It's going to suck real soon as our forum membership grows, when folks can no longer share their Kinetic adventures without setting up their own fileservers. Besides it would look much better to have something like we have already for gallery button , than spreading it all over the general forum section with links to outside sources.

  • Third, we can really use a clean up/expansion of the forum "trees" ..for example the general section is way too broad. We can split it up into some other topic sections such as "real life" and another section devoted entirely to computers and our website features. There are many people we will meet that probably would ask more questions and get more involved if there was a comfort zone for them and us to discuss all things related to troubleshooting and education of our website and PC's in general.

    Hope this message finds you well and gives you some food for thought. Time for me to sleep the sleep of the dead!! 💫
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Ideas for improving Kinetic
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