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 Hey all, pull up a chair lol

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Hey all, pull up a chair lol Empty
PostSubject: Hey all, pull up a chair lol   Hey all, pull up a chair lol Icon_minitimeThu Aug 27, 2009 2:15 pm

Just wanted to say that I am enjoying my new faction. People share and are friendly. Most of the criteria I like for a guild/faction/clan are certainly met and then some. :joker:

I figure I'd start with copy/paste of my post CrazedToo responded to for faction invite so ya can get an idea of who I am before ya actually get to know me. The first part was a question..but Part 2 was my "looking for faction" post.

I see there are a couple folks under 18 and even under 16. I'd have never guessed that anyone was under 18 really, judging by maturity/attitude. So you can ignore the end of the post related to age. And if you are younger than 18, I mean no disrespect to you personally ^_^


Quoted from PWI forums

Hi there all. especially those on my Dreamweaver server.

This is my "looking for faction post" at the 2nd part of letter as well and it's rather long winded.
Be sure if you reply, give me some idea on what parts of my post made u think I'd be a good fit.

But first I lead with a question.

I come to PWI after a 9 year stint of Everquest. When we were curious about online membership of guilds, we'd be able to type" /who all "guild-name"". That would show a list in chat window of all those members of a particular guild were online at the time. Is there a way to search out factions or people that are online at the time and NOT near you to click on and "player info" to? For example when I meet someone really cool to play the game with, I've added about 10 folks I think now, I would like to be able to see if they have a few more members on to "peek" at membership list to see if any names ring a bell.

I'd love to be able to search "who all XXX-faction" or something nifty like that. I understand with Territory War's that might be a crappy feature. Much easier to plan out a raid on a territory if ya know their numbers aren't high enough at a given time I suppose (This is coming from someone grasping at straws and really has no clue at all about TW's workings/timings. I have not thought that far ahead yet.)

Part 2:

I am currently Level 24 Venomancer. I am a 38 year old male, but I have a main preference to Pet controlling classes. I don't mind playing a female, because we are all humans. Very often our gender is not an issue for me. Also, I love that I can chose what my pet looks like in the game and that many statistics work differently in the game in various environments. I look forward to when I can name them too haha. I've played pet control classes in Everquest, Everquest 2, and City of Heroes. I've also played a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean. I played Dungeons and Dragons when it was new in the 80's as well lol.

Currently I am apparently going the more "arcane" route of Veno. Letting my crystalline magmatite tank for me and alternating Untamed "demoness type with batwings chick" and Fox form as to when i feel like range or melee. I'll figure out what route I am gonna as primary and just go as I go.

I often like to spend time solo'ing my own thing it farming for materials etc, spending time with out of faction friends I meet with sometimes and things like that. But mostly I like to play with a team. And I like to chat with people and not always the same 4 people. But I also digress, I find much use in familiarity with people in our battle strats/abilities, which is another reason for desire of a good faction.

I plan to make a male cleric or male barb as well. I see people are often needing them in the later game. I'll let my assessment of my new guild influence which class I decide on.

--Using a Crystal Golem...I have finished my first expanded bank quest..and presently working on my 2nd set of tasks to expand further and I have collected 6 pieces of Hay for my expanded pet bag.
-- I've gotten my cultivation tasks done to Archosaur and the first invite up to the next area just as I logged off last and at level 22 I had around 170 reputation points or so, not sure what I have now
-- I have my Tablet ready to start my FB19 (tho i really still do not know much about what kind of group it will take to get to the boss. I've solo'd a few of the wolves ..but the adds get to be painful eventually.
--not done much in a couple lvl's while leveling up a new "for looks pet". Courageous Undine. Cool lookin pet.
--I've helped quite a few folks learn what was up with various situational scenarios. Some have been higher lvl than me.
--I can travel to more areas via the teleportal masters than your average "newbie" lvl 24 thanks to me wandering around and a few rides around the map I have gotten.

I've got a lot to learn, but as long as I am pointed in the right direction for information, I can probably. with some online research+some test runs, figure it out.

If you are curious to what type of faction I am hoping for, the following list of ideas interest me:
-- enjoys meeting new people who share the love and enjoyment for MMO gaming...especially experiencing new things in general.
-- questing, not that everyone has to enjoy creating their own quests...just that the general idea of exploration etc floats their boat. I play these games to quest and kill things equally , but hopefully with others around I enjoy the company of. =)
-- trade skills, hopefully many of us are trading out focus' of TS...spread the work and we all get some nifty things in 1/5 the time or 1/6th. I'll of course be working on all of them in my spare time..but with a major focus ..well u got the idea.
-- Hopefully most everyone is useful in some way to another for most of their time. Even if just in Faction chat with info.
-- Drama "resistant"-- Ok, we are all human. We all cannot "just get along" no matter how hard we try. But if the faction's overall feeling is from /shrug to /cheer on an hourly basis, that is more my speed.
-- Mostly\All/Adults. I'd hope for 20 and older as a 95-98% of faction membership. With VERY few under 18 and none under 16.
-- Hopefully has a daily active website with forum.

If ya like what you read, add Agony_Anne and send me a whisper anytime to set up some chat time =) ..or reply here or if ya shy -- PM me in the forum emal.
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Hey all, pull up a chair lol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey all, pull up a chair lol   Hey all, pull up a chair lol Icon_minitimeThu Aug 27, 2009 5:20 pm

Oooo very descriptive introduction, but I like it ! :D If only I had the patience to indulge everyone with my info, but I guess I'm not as a patient as you :P

But I'm glad we meet most of what you're looking for in a faction! Granted that we are still growing, I'm especially proud of the members we have thus far (including you!). As for the age range, we do have some young people, but rest assured, most of us are around ... I would say, 18- mid 20's? It seems we have a bunch still in college/university or have just graduated, and a couple of people with families :lol:

I myself have grown to like "pet classes" as well. I've been playing WoW on and off for, hmmm what, 4 years now? I've always been the tanking class, or DPS, never tried any taming classes before. But I must say, being a Veno is sooo relaxing xD I LOVE the idea of catching pets and having them do my bidding. If you're ever up for any discussion on pets, I'm all game :D

As for doing things together as a faction (ie. questing and whatnot), we are trying to set up a couple of things into motion, but we are always open to new ideas and feedback!
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Hey all, pull up a chair lol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey all, pull up a chair lol   Hey all, pull up a chair lol Icon_minitimeFri Aug 28, 2009 3:33 am

☮ Hi there Agony. Welcome to Kinetic. ☮
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Hey all, pull up a chair lol Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey all, pull up a chair lol   Hey all, pull up a chair lol Icon_minitime

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Hey all, pull up a chair lol
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