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 your genie, guide

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PostSubject: your genie, guide   your genie, guide Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 5:01 pm

Well thx to oficial forum here is the best guide for your pixie

There are four different Genies, one of each season: Longevity (Spring), Discipline (Winter), Zeal (Autumn), Infliction (Summer). Each genie has a unique nascent skill when you first receive them, however, all other skills must be obtained through upgrading.

STR: Determine damage out put of skills
DEX: Determine effect of skills -duration
VIT: MP pool
INT: MP Recovery and the skills learnable (each 50 INT = +1 MP recovery)

All genie skills cost stamina, which requires Chi stones to replace, so all genie skills effectively cost money. From that perspective:

STR: More bang for your buck on damaging (and possibly healing) skills
DEX: More bang for your buck on durational skills
VIT: Allows you to use more expensive (and powerful) skills, as well as chaining them together
INT: Allows you to use skills more frequently, and with more variety

Lucky points simply adds extra attribute points to the genie. Genies receive 1 point per level and every 10 levels receive a bonus of up to 10 lucky points. Thus a lucky genie can double its points.

The more Lucky Points your genie gets, the more rare it is. If I had a level 80 genie and its points where 80/80 that’s super rare.

common---------------------super rare

The higher the random stats determine not only the look of your genie but the combat ability as well as rareness. It can be classified as follow:

Color code: Orange
This color indicates this genie gained 10 random stats per every 10 level. It is the queen of all genies (very rare)

Color code: Gold
This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 61 – 99 points.

Color code: Purple
This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 51- 60 points.

Color code: Blue
This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 41- 50 points.

Color code: Green
This color indicates this genie gained random stats between 10 – 40 points.

The amount of lucky points your genie has, determines its appearance and the overall stats it gets
Evolution of Genies Based on Lucky Points

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PostSubject: Re: your genie, guide   your genie, guide Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 5:01 pm

It doesn’t really matter which genie you choose, the differences is:
The attributes, one starts with 15mag, another with 15 dex etc..
Then the looks and their first skill, which isn’t very good and you will drop it.

Genies can level up along with their masters. In addition to increasing their base stats, players can upgrade a Genie’s elemental affinity, with any of the five elements: Metal, Wood, Earth, Water and Fire. The elemental affinity will become important because different affinities will be the key to unlocking certain skills. Genies can have a maximum of 26 affinity points. If need be, a player can reset the Genie’s affinity points at the new NPC “Elemental Ambassador” in any of the five main cities.

One interesting aspect of Genie skills is that some are location specific. Some Earth skills can be used only while on the ground, many water skills can only be used in Water and some Metal skills can only be used while in flight. Additionally, some skills are race specific— Hollow Fist is reserved for Venomancers only, or the skill Rainbow Blessing is restricted to the Winged Elf race.

Every Genie skill has 10 levels. The majority of the level one skills will have a requisite one point of a certain element (this is the same concept as many of our classes builds, you cannot open some skills without have a chain of others opened, even if they are only at level one).

What are STR, DEX, VIT and MAG stats on my genie mean?

STR: Determine damage out put of skills
DEX: Determine effect of skills -duration
VIT/WIL: MP pool
MAG/INT: MP Recovery and the skills learnable (each 50 INT = +1 MP recovery).

STR: 1 point of str adds about 1% damage to a genies skills
DEX: 1 point of dex increases the range, duration and success rate of status effects
VIT/WIL: 1 point of vit increases the max energy of your genie by 1
MAG/INT: 40 points of magic gives your genie 1 more skill slot to learn a skill
50 points of magic increases the energy recovery rate by 1/sec

Starting Stats on Genies


Red 15 5 3 5 (Summer - Infliction) Strength affinity
White 3 5 15 5 (Winter - Discipline) Vitality affinity
Orange 5 3 5 15 (Fall - Zeal) Magic affinity
Blue 5 15 5 3 (Spring - Longevity) Dexterity affinity

What kind of stats allocated to my genie when it level up?

-Genies begin with L1 and random stats of 1-10
-Genies begin with VIT 100, MP recovery 1 point/sec
-Gain 1 stat point every level. Player can allocate this point freely. Maximum free point allocation for single stats is 40. Any above need 2 stats point to gain 1 point (mean you need 2 levels for 2 point to invest 1 point to make it to 41).
-After (base stat +40) it costs 2 points to raise a stat instead of just 1.
So if your base stat is 15, it will cost 2 points starting at 55; if it's 5, 45; and if it's 3, raising it over 43 will cost more. (thx Hametsu)
-Genies gain titles every 10 level. Each title gain between 1-10 stats points (Random).
-Total of random stats gained determines the display model of the genies. Higher random stats will gain a better look and combat ability for genies.

These stats can be reset with respect scroll (genie)

Where can I get genie quest and what is the quest reward?

Visit the new NPC- Watcher of Earth in 5 major cities for genie quest starting from L1 to L80.

The quest rewards are
L1 – Collect your genie.
L19 (completed L1 quest) – L19 Cube of Enlightenment-EXP Stone
L49 (completed L1 quest) – L49 Refined Cube of Enlightenment-EXP Stone
L70 (completed L1 quest) – 20 Order of Origination - stats respect scroll
L79 (completed L49 quest) – L79 Elite Cube of Enlightenment-EXP Stone
L80 (completed L1 quest) – Stone of Refreshment - element point respect scroll

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PostSubject: Re: your genie, guide   your genie, guide Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 5:02 pm

Elemental stats:

-Genies begin with 1 elemental point.
-Gain 1 elemental point each 5 level.
-Gain 1 elemental point every level above 100
-Maximum allocation point for each elemental stat is 8
-Total elemental point gain is 26
-Elemental stats can be reset to 0 with respect scroll (genie).

How many skills do genies come with?

By default, it has 3 skills. You can learn additional skill at each 40 INT point. For example, when your genis INT reaches 40, you can learn one skill. INT at 80 can learn second skill etc.

Skill Tree

If I do not like the genie I have, what can I do?

You can talk to new NPC and select appropriate option to dismiss your genie. You gain EXP stone in proportion to genie level. To dismiss genie that is L40 and above, you genie must be in tradable mode to do so.

The tradeable mode option is one in which allows for other players to trade or sell there genies. However, one must keep in mind that “Genies can be traded amongst players after they have been converted into TRADE READY state. Click the Trade State button in the Genie interface menu in order to access this feature. It will take 7 days to convert your Genie into to TRADE READY state. By default, a Genie is set to NO-Trade state. In this state, the Genie cannot be traded, sold, or discarded.” From Trade to NO-Trade is instant, but it will take another 7 days if you do decide to trade it again.

Please note that Genies in TRADE READY state, the Genie can be traded, sold, and dropped and EXP infusion is restricted to EXP Cubes only. To infuse EXP or Spirit into the Genie, please switch the Genie back to NO-TRADE state. (See Patch Notes from May 26th)

Do I have to feed my genie?

You have to give it chi stones from decomposing player equipment to fill its stamina bar, which is used up whenever you use one of the genies skills. Other than that genies do not require any kind of food.

If you do not “feed” your genie, the stamina bar will eventually run low and you will not be able to utilize the skills.

Genie Stamina Replenishment Chart - Chi Stones:

Yiyuan stone: +40 stamina
Liangyi stone (3 Yiyuan): +80 stamina
Santsai stone (9 Yiyuan): +160 stamina
Ssuhsiang stone (27 Yiyuan): +240 stamina
Wuhsing stone (81 Yiyuan): +320 stamina
Liuho stone (243 Yiyuan): +400 stamina
Chihsing stone (729 Yiyuan): +480 stamina
Pakua stone (2,178 Yiyuan): +560 stamina
Chiukung stone (6,534 Yiyuan): +640 stamina
Perfect stone (19,602 Yiyuan): +720 stamina

(thanks to Rainbowvidel)

How can I level my genie?

There are 3 types of leveling methods:

-Using EXP stone.
-Using Character EXP
-Using Character SP, 1SP = 5 EXP points.

To level your genie skills, please see new NPC and select appropriate option. (thx Gilraen)

Why my genies receive less EXP when I try to import?

-Player can only level up genies that are same level or lower level than the player level.
-No EXP penalty for transfer of genies to the same level player but to player that is higher levels than genies itself (penalty amount not known).
-When use genies EXP stone, the penalty is calculated base on EXP stone and genies level. EXP stone will disappeared once it EXP is used (example- stone has 10K EXP but you use 5K this time, the next time you use another 5K. It EXP is consumed and will disappear).
-There is no EXP penalty when genies reach L100 or higher.

Leveling Calculations (credit to esotericsoul)

Genie Level Calculations
Example 1: You are a player at level 20, and you have a genie at level 13.

So you put "20" in the yellow box. Let's say you want to know how much you need to infuse get a genie from level 13 to 14. Look for Genie level 13 (down on column "C") and go across to columns "E" and "F": it say, you need 6,120 player experience to infuse, or 1,224 spirit to infuse to level your genie from level 13 to level 14.

Example 2: You are a player at level 20, and you are getting a brand new genie. (And you want to level this genie all the way from 1 to 14.)

So again, put "20" in the yellow box. How much TOTAL experience or spirit do you need to get the genie to level 14? Look for Genie level 13 (your desired level minus 1), and go across to Columns "I" and "J": it says, you need a TOTAL of 41,460 player experience to infuse, or 8,292 spirit to infuse.

Additional info for who need:

1) When you learn skill for a genie, it will cost SP and Money. Maximum number of skills that genie can learn is 8. You can delete the skill you don't want at the new NPC with free charge, but your SP and Money gone forever.

2) There are 4 types of equipments your genie can buy. For now, only 2 items for each type. 1 item cost 1M to buy, another cost 3M. All of these item +1 or 2 point more to your genie's stats.

3) Depends on how you spend the element stat of the genie, it can learn and cast certain skill.

4) You genie's color changes, depend on how you build its stat, and when it reach lvl 100, it color will change one more time, depends on how many random stat points your genie gets every 10 lvl, over the total possible random points. RANDOM POINTS YOU CAN GET DEPENDS ON YOUR GENIE'S... LOYALTY POINT ( how to increase this point... as for now, I got no idea ^^)

The color just like you weapon: dark orange is best, gold is good, purple is ok, green is... trade your genie.

5)Over all, if there are 1000 genie, there could be 1000 ways to build. The genie is kinda new, so there isn't any perfect way to build it yet. It depends on what skill you want to learn, on your class, on your favorite color (eg. girls like pink a lot), on your pocket...[b]

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PostSubject: Re: your genie, guide   your genie, guide Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 5:03 pm

Equipping your Genie:

Yes, you can equip your genie! “Players can buy equipment for their Genies from the Watcher of the Earth. Genie Equipment includes Jades, Mirrors, Orbs, and Charms. Once equipped, Genie equipment can no longer be de-equipped; it can only be destroyed or replaced. Destroying and replacing Genie equipment is also done through the Watcher of the Earth.” HOWEVER, before everyone gets all excited…these items cost 1 million coins. Therefore, and unfortunately, these items will be out of reach of many.

Affinity Points:

Somewhat different then attribute points, Affinity Points give you the option of placing elemental affinities: Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Water and Metal. Where you place these points will determine what skills your genie may acquire. The higher the affinity points needed for a skill, the stronger that skill is going to be (even at level one).

Affinity: Metal
Affinity: Fire
Affinity: Wood
Affinity: Water
Affinity: Earth

“Genies start with 1 Affinity Point, and will gain an additional Affinity Point every 5 levels. When a Genie reaches Level 100, it will gain 1 Affinity Point every level. Genies can attain a maximum of 26 Affinity Points.”
“There are 5 types of Affinities: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. The number of points required to master an Affinity is 8.”


Important to note - ALL genies can get the SAME skills. There is no restriction on this; the only restriction is that some of the CLASSES cannot open certain skills on there genies.
“By default, a Genie can learn a maximum of 3 skills. You can increase the maximum number of skills your Genie can learn by increasing the INT (Intellect) attribute. Genie abilities will consume your Genie’s Energy and Stamina. Genie’s can forget skills via the Watcher of the Earth at no cost.”

Starter Skills

(each Genie comes with a starter skill, this is something that you can “unlearn” from your genie if you wish to replace it, but for those who may not have the exp/spirit to level and gain new skills, these are a good starting point to learn your genie)

*Discipline (White Genie) Wind Force - Increases Flight Speed by 50%

*Zeal (Gold Genie) Earthflame - Reduces Target attack and defense 4%

*Longevity (Blue Genie) Eruption Fist - Reduces Elemental resistance 30%

*Infliction (Red/Pink Genie) Venom Stinger - Decreases Targets speed & increases yours by 22%

UPDATE ON "BUGGED" SKILLS: Patch Notes from May 26th:

Genie Skills:

Many changes to Genie description skills have been updated to reflect the actual function of the skill:

Chi Siphon: Drains X Chi from an enemy into yourself. The target will then regenerate 30 Chi every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.

Earthquake: Deals Earth damage to targets around you. Has a chance to cause a knock back against monsters.

Frenzy: Lowers your Defense and Spell Resistance by X and increases your attack level by X.

Life Drain: Drains health from all targets within 15 meters. Causes X water damage and heals you for 5% of your max HP.

Mantle Ripple of Death: Creates a magical ripple in the ground. Causes X physical and earth damage to all targets within 15 meters of you. X chance for the targets to be poisoned and lose 100 Chi over 60 seconds.

Qi Manipulation: Reduces target’s Mana over time.

Reflective Aura: Chance to reflect magic attacks. Only available in Duels, Territory Wars, and against NPC Monsters.

Searing Heat: Fire Affinity Requisite lowered to 2.

Tree of Protection: Increases max HP by X for 5 seconds. Restores 25% of your max HP every 3 seconds for 6 seconds.

Virulent Poison: Injects the target with a virulent poison that deals damage over 3 seconds. Target is immune to other status effects for base duration of 1 second.

Whirlwind: Deal small amount of damage to nearby targets. Briefly immobilizes and then stuns them.

UPDATE ON "BUGGED" SKILLS: Patch Notes from May 20th:

Genie Skills

Cauterize (Previously called Healing)
Has a X% chance to remove Bleed effects from yourself.

Blood Clot
Makes you immune to Bleed Effects for x seconds. Does not remove existing Bleed effects.

Air Strand
Immobilizes the target for 5 seconds. Has a 20% chance to also silence the target for 3 seconds. X% chance to also immobilize yourself for 4 seconds.

Chance to gain immunity to all status effects for a short period of time.

Rainbow Blessing
Now correctly states the requisite class (Cleric).

*(Review for Genie Skill Bugs Currently Known Prior to May 20th Patch)*

**New And Improved Bug Report Thread as of May 21st: For any in game bugs/issues**
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PostSubject: Re: your genie, guide   your genie, guide Icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2009 3:15 am

damn Aiden o__o intense guide! Kinda wished I started tinkering with genies earlier ... but :( I'm too lazy now

btw, I moved this to general ingame category :D
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PostSubject: Re: your genie, guide   your genie, guide Icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2009 8:49 pm

Ok that was really helpful.....but yet I still feel too lazy to get mine past 10....epic fail.
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PostSubject: Re: your genie, guide   your genie, guide Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 3:44 pm

Oh man, well luckily we "learn" how to live without genies easy enough in PvE servers by trial and error. Gotta admit tho...really should read the following link with genie skill button.


That page also has links to what looks like EVERY sort of other ingame things like etc with pictures and further clickable picture links to assist you in your PWI pleasure.

Here is a few potentially FTW skills for any server. High lvl PvP I would imagine genie is a MUST!

Cauterize--Has a 53% chance to remove Bleed effects from yourself. Dexterity: Every 10 Genie Dexterity Points increase the success rate by 1%.

Also some skills take away "sleep" or "root to the ground" type effects from you and or allies around you. Some will add the sleep/root etc to the mob you attacking.

---Some skills are race specific, for example this one would be great for Veno's to increase chance of surviving the death of a pet ..hit jump at same time as this skill and then hit flying mount button mid jump! That extra 3 seconds of sleeping monster would surely help!!! 8)

Cooldown 15 seconds
Requisite Race Untamed, Winged Elf

Creates a magical seal that has 30% chance to silence the target for 3.2 seconds.
--Every 10 Genie Dexterity points increases the success rate by 1%

Some genie skills are class specific...for example Clerics:

Rainbow Blessing
Provides a random blessing on the target:
12% increased physical attack.
12% increased magical attack.
1% increased critical hit chance.
2% reduced channeling time.
Lasts for 8 seconds.
The increases critical hit chance effect will 100% be given.
Blessing may sometimes have no effect at all.
No stacking up with same effects.
--Every 5 Genie Dexterity points increases the success rate by 1%.
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PostSubject: Re: your genie, guide   your genie, guide Icon_minitime

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your genie, guide
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