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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 5:03 am

Hello I am Mizu_Neko and Ill be your guide to the rules of your new faction "Kinetic". We of Kinetic are a proud and honorable group and would prefer to keep it like that. With this said please know the rules and stick to them. Thank you.

The rules are simple.
1:No begging.
2:No Drama.
3:Must be active.
4:Must be leveling.
5:Respect your faction members.

Below you will see a more detailed notice on each rule. As well we have rules "Outside of Kinetic" which we preffer you follow honorably. Rule 1 is included in the outside of kinetic rules.

Outside of Kinetic Rules:
6:No childish arguments.
7:No Kill Stealing.
8:No Quest Boss Hunting/Rare Pet Hunting unless boss is needed for YOUR quest or someone in your squad.

These too will be explained below in slight detail ^^

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


All members are subject to being kicked out of the guild under the condition of either the 3 strike rule for minor offenses or immediate banning for a major offense. The two who are able to boot are Nevedita and Elsar. If you feel the need for someone to be kicked out please mail these two or whisper them if they are offline. As well your Marshals and Executors will do the same.

RULE 1: No Begging

We are a proffesional faction of which will be willing to offer you assistance in the act of leveling, Grinding under certain conditions, or acting as assistance in questing. HOWEVER This does not mean that we Have to do this nor does it mean you should abuse those willing to. As well asking for coins directly for "That cute dress" Or that "Rare pet" Or even "A really good sale for a mount" Will not be tolerated. We may be willing to help with your finance for a "Valid" purpose though. This can include having no money for armor repairs or wanting to get the next rank armor of which our craftsmen will try and provide if free to do so. As well the begging rule counts "Outside" The faction. Begging in public is against our rules and subject to being booted.

Rule 2: No Drama

We of Kinetic care deeply about our members however this does not mean we should have to listen about how much you hate your life or how you are going to blow up the school. Nor will we tolerate anything that may make our members feel uncomfortable. This can include fighting or a friendly rivalry gone sour.

Rule 3: Must Be Active*

This rule is pretty simple. We give you two weeks before we boot you. However if you have a valid reason for being gone for longer then a week please notify us on in the shout box.

Rule 4: Must Be Leveling

This is much like the Must Be Active Rule. We want our members to be able to hold there own in Territory Wars and that cant be done if your leveling only once per month. This rule is not as tightly watched as Rule 3 However if it becomes too obvious that your not leveling you will be subject to boot.

Rule 5: Respect Your Faction Mates

This rule is pretty obvious. We of Kinetic arn't just your faction members. We are a loving and caring family and it is very bad to have to fight with your family. A fight with fellow members is a Serious offense and can be subject to immediate boot. A small squable may come about here and there and a disagreement may happen at pretty much every turn of the corner. However I would like to ask that you respect others and remember to keep things civil.

Important notice!

You are wearing the badge of Kinetic. The badge of our honor hangs over your head and speaks not just for you but for all of us. This means that you are a sign of our honor and good name. These rules are rules "Outside" of kinetic but are still a thing that stands Firm.

Rule 6: Do not start or join in childish arguements in world chat. If you have a problem with someone PLEASE take it to whisper mode.

Rule 7: Do not steal someone's kill. When you steal someones kill so did we. That will make people upset with you and possibly those in your faction

Rule 8: Please don't camp in areas to kill rare pets or boss's to spite others. If you have a valid purpose for killing Terrorclaw or Guama for experience GO FOR IT But Attacking Florafang the quest mob is just
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Rules and Regulations
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