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 Farewell everyone

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PostSubject: Farewell everyone   Farewell everyone Icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 11:05 am

I'm sorry for doing this, but I've had to leave our beloved faction and all of you will be sorely missed. This morning i was incredibly pissed off as I woke up to a fucked up fash and a 20% DQ-npc-price reduction even after us players have posted over 200 posts pleading to devs not to implement this 'update'. Out of nowhere, during my rage, a member of the Prodigy faction (ExtraTwisted) decided to be a smartass for no reason whatsoever. Me being a guy who comes on this game inbetween working hours, I really cant be fucked with any online drama queens, so without hesitation; i just walked away. I would've stayed for you all, in the name of the fun gaming time we had together, but unfortunately I'm too proud of a guy to be anywhere near such childish behavior. Incase you're wondering, I'll attach the conversation that went on this morning and I'll leave it up to you to decide who was in the wrong and whether my reasons for leaving were on reasonable grounds. Regardless of your verdict, the way I see it, this faction has lost 2 potential valuable BMs (me and blow) for one idiot's smartass moment of keyboard-happy glory.

Take care everyone, I love you all.

Farewell everyone Byeprodigy
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Farewell everyone
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