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 hey everyone here is whats new!

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hey everyone here is whats new! Empty
PostSubject: hey everyone here is whats new!   hey everyone here is whats new! Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 12:51 pm

Ok so i got my xbox for sale on ebay to earn the money i need for my own place. yeah it sucks but i got no choice in the matter. hopefully it will sell soon.

my aunt showed up at my friends work and bothered him there, telling him a bunch of useless garbage to try and make him and his girl feel guilty about letting me stay here. I am so glad my online statements can prove what she has been sayin is lies.

additionally if she keeps saying other things about me like i have been hearing i will wind up pressing slander charges against her and suing her. hopefully when i leave town she will permanently ignore me and not try to make trouble for me. i just think its pathetic she still cant try to stop messing with my life even though i no longer live there.

yo heal brah! dont sweat it if i need somethin i will let ya know brah. for now just be patient like i am being. im hoping she shows up to my work after i leave town so i can file a restraining order. then she can break it and i can throw her in jail. or either way if she doesnt break it i can then go to court and get back inside the house to get the rest of my stuff.

if i would have gone back home i got invited to do a music video at an actual music studio which would have been sweet and then the new years party afterwards too. but lika said she would pray for me so maybe that winnin lotto ticket will drop in my lap or it will start rainin money from the sky.

i might drop some lines in the quick talk board to say hi and stuff not sure yet. been playin Mafia Wars and Mobsters 2 on Facebook. if anyone wants to join my mafia they are welcome to on either game. for everyone out there who doesnt know my real name is Dave so do an email search for and it should pull up my profile. no there aren't any dirty pics on it sorry to disappoint. i was afraid i would break the website if i posted one lol.

Loor and lika and kai and battle and evil and um heal and everyone else - laters for now. oh and you too inavia i hope ur doin ok come to think of it i dont know if you are even on the forums lol.

ninja 🎅 :farao:
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hey everyone here is whats new! Empty
PostSubject: Re: hey everyone here is whats new!   hey everyone here is whats new! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 03, 2010 8:28 am

hey dail o.o if you're on anytime soon can you send me an email?
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hey everyone here is whats new!
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