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 Faction Services

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PostSubject: Faction Services   Faction Services Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 2:58 am

1). We run FBs/Call to Duty
Currently we can run FB19 and FB29. If you need to complete your call to duty, please PM Mickie, Zhou_Shu, Elsar or Nevedita

2). We provide ingame quest help
Whether you are stuck finding that one NPC you can't find, or have trouble getting that 50+ kills for your quest, say no more! Just ask in faction chat for a buddy and we'll be glad to help.

3). We provide faction manufacturers
Need new armour, weapons, ornaments or needs some super awesome pills? Look no further, as we have members within our faction that can do the work for you, free of charge! All we ask is that you provide the materials that we don't have, and we'll make it on the spot!

Our faction manufacturers enjoy the benefit of getting free materials sent to them. If you would like to become a faction manufacturer and are at least a lvl 2 in your manufacturing skill, please inform Nevedita ingame. But be warned, if you are listed on this website, you are expected to provide members with items when requested.

4). Super awesome crazy faction chat
We can be a talkative bunch. Feel free to join in whenever you feel like, and remember, randomness is encouraged!
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Faction Services
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