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 Mizu Neko, The water cat.

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Mizu Neko,  The water cat. Empty
PostSubject: Mizu Neko, The water cat.   Mizu Neko,  The water cat. Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 4:19 am

HI! -bites into your arm- Im Mizu_Neko the Water Cat. Pleasure to meet you. Im Jack and Jade's Roomate. Ren is the name. It means Water Lily. I am a fan of money and though charging a fairly nice fee for items to faction members will sell rather give away items. Dont bother asking me for free stuff unless "I" offer it. At the time I am also a Marshal of Kinetic. Though I will only invite people I actually like and deem fit to hold the name of Kinetic over there head I will always be hard at work to keep the peace in the faction. However I am not really a mean person so if you want feel free to talk with me. ^^ I am a light armor venos and always showing off happily. I also have a favorite video that I got from Jack "Zhou_Shu" Which I absolutely LOVE!

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Mizu Neko, The water cat.
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