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 Requirements for Joining Kinetic

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Requirements for Joining Kinetic Empty
PostSubject: Requirements for Joining Kinetic   Requirements for Joining Kinetic Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 2:57 am

1. You must be willing to level.
We plan to participate in Territory Wars in the future, thus you must be willing to make an active commitment to this faction. We do not accept shop alts, bank alts or any other alts that you do not level.

2. You must meet our level requirement.
We are currently accepting level 40+ venos and 20+ players for any other class. If you are a little under the required level, we can make exceptions. We also run by a first come, first served policy.

3. You must be active.
You must log into your character at least three times per week, and level at least once per week. We would much prefer to have your main in our faction, but if you are active on your alt, we will make an exception.
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Requirements for Joining Kinetic
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