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 Photos of Kinetic TT2-1 run

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Photos of Kinetic TT2-1 run Empty
PostSubject: Photos of Kinetic TT2-1 run   Photos of Kinetic TT2-1 run Icon_minitimeMon Nov 16, 2009 8:40 pm

Hi all, i just wanted to share these 2 snapshots i took during a recent TT2-1 run. The party shown consists of Mickie, Loor_Lakal, swiiss, DrowElfQueen(as his alt MiliaFilyna), LordTalos, and a guest barbarian zatra (currently of Dynasty, but w/ 7Dragons at time of photo). We all had a great time and got some good drops. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Photos of Kinetic TT2-1 run Kinetic-TT2-102
This is the second boss in TT2-1. I can't remember his name, i've always just refered to him as "Thumbs" and everyone knew who i You gotta love Loor and Milia's pose Very Happy

Photos of Kinetic TT2-1 run Kinetic-TT2-101
This is the Third boss, Such a pretty puppy... =D

If you have some snapshots of group activities, please share em with the rest of us.
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Photos of Kinetic TT2-1 run
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