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 The Faction Bank's Inventory

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The Faction Bank's Inventory Empty
PostSubject: The Faction Bank's Inventory   The Faction Bank's Inventory Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 5:57 pm

kk, heres the list of things the bank currently has:

5.4 million coins (over half way there, keep it up! :D)

-Random Goods/Quest Items-
1 Rhino Horn
1 Soft Fur
1 Dew of Herbs
3 Honey Juice
4 Mystical Claw
1 Element Fragment
7 Element Essence
1 Crusade Order IV:B
1 Crusade Order III: A
1 *Heretic Banishing Pataka Lvl 47 w/ 189-231 pattack, 227-420 mattack, +10 magic attack
1 Meat
147 Yiyuan Stone

-Twilight Temple Mats-
136 Pieces of Skeleton
8 Mysterious Skulls
1 Klunky Sword

-Materials for Crafting-
1 Hard Rim Muslin
2 Verdant Jade
14 Fleece-flower Roots
7 Butterfly Herbs
53 Animal Fur
2 Reinforced Leather
16 Purified Oil
15 Compound Oil
2 Glaze
1 Coal Dust
37 Coal
17 Anthracite
6 Charcoal
2 Sandstone
4 Gravel
18 Rubstone Powder
1 Corundum Powder
15 Logs
10 Rough Lumber
24 Fine Lumber
4 High-grade Lumber
12 Pig Iron
8 High-Carbon Steel
7 Refined Steel
2 Steel Alloy
6 Silk Thread
5 Compound Thread
6 Azureworm Silk
14 Strong Glue
3 Colored Glue

Also, we are running out of room lol, so if any of you with alts would like to donate those mats we need to expand the bank inventory, we need: Mystical Claw(6), Complete Sack(10), Element Fragment(9), Dull Claw(10), Honey Juice(7), and Dew of Herbs(9)
Please continue to send your unwanted and unneeded goods -bows- See you in game! -Loor <3
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The Faction Bank's Inventory
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