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 Venomancer Stat/Build Guide

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PostSubject: Venomancer Stat/Build Guide   Venomancer Stat/Build Guide Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 1:53 am

Taken from PWI forum, written by senovit.

Follow the link for more information on Venomancers. In the meantime, Venomancers, as a caster class, can be customized to be able to wear any of the 3 main armor classes while still remaining a caster. Your three choices:

1: Robes
Low phys def, Very high magic defense, high hp.
STR = (Your level +8 ) / 2
MAG = (At least Your level x 3)
VIT = (Remaining points)
AGI = 3

This build can be customized by removing points from VIT and putting them into MAG instead, for higher damage output vs lower survivability.

2: Light Armor
Decent phys def, decent magic defense, low hp.
STR = (Your level + 4)
AGI = (Your level +4)
MAG = (Your level x 3)
VIT = 7+, depending on leftover points.

This build doesn't include enough points to add into con, so unless you get a lot of armor with +hp, your hp will be quite low.

3: Heavy Armor
High phys defense, high magic defense, low hp.
STR: (Enough to wear heavy armor 3-4 grades lower than you - equates to (level - 10 or 20) * 2.5 +2)
AGI: (Enough to wear heavy armor 3-4 grades lower than you)
MAG (Your level x3)
VIT: 3 (Or however many points are left over.)
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Venomancer Stat/Build Guide
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