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 Faction Events

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PostSubject: Faction Events   Faction Events Icon_minitimeWed Sep 30, 2009 2:46 pm

So I was thinking that it would be kool if every month (or however often we decide) we had have an event to promote Kinetic.

A good one to start out with would be the October birthday party that we have discussed. We could do fireworks, run around like hooligans, spam world chat, and just screw around having a good time in one of the major cities. All the while making sure that everyone knows we're here. If nothing else, it would get us attention and get our name out there :D

Another event idea that we have discussed is duels. A duel tourney in a major city would attract a lot of attention, and once again we could screw around and shout about how fantastic we all know we are :lol:

One other possible idea is FB/Instance days. I think that once people run with us and see what we are about, they'll be much more interested in joining us.

Obviously we cannot require that everyone participate in these events, however the more people that show up, the better promotion we'll have, so keep on brainstorming and try to make it to as many events as you are able =)

Once we have events scheduled, I'll add them to the main site and to the Calendar.

Cya in-game!

❤ Kinetic
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Faction Events
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