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 Cleric Basics - Guide

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Cleric Basics - Guide Empty
PostSubject: Cleric Basics - Guide   Cleric Basics - Guide Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 1:49 am

Taken from PWI forum, written by junk.

Follow the link for a more detailed guide. In the meantime, the following are common cleric builds.

* Every 2 levels: 10 attribute points

+ Barebones build. Minimum necessary stats for robes/weapon (not a build per se but you can do this to conserve your stats if you haven't made up your mind yet).
- 6 MAG
- 1 STR
- 3 free points

+ Highly offensive build. Very low survivability. High damage and healing power.
- 9 MAG
- 1 STR

+ Offensive build. Low survivability. High damage and healing power.
- 7-8 MAG
- 1 STR
- 1-2 VIT

+ Balanced build. Decent survivability. Mid-high damage and healing power.
- 6 MAG
- 1 STR
- 3 VIT

+ Light armor build. Geared towards using light armor. Balance of magic and physical defense. Superior critical rate. Minimal hitpoints but higher survivability when facing physical opponents. PvP versatility. Mid-high healing power, but higher overall damage due to an increased critical rate.
- 6 MAG
- 2 STR
- 2 DEX
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Cleric Basics - Guide
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