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 Barbarian Basics - Guide

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Barbarian Basics - Guide Empty
PostSubject: Barbarian Basics - Guide   Barbarian Basics - Guide Icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 1:35 am

Taken from PWI forum, guide written by Dai.

Follow the link to read more. In the meantime, there are three common barbarian builds:

A. Str-Based Damage Dealer
Armor: Heavy
VIT = 1 each level
STR = 3 each level
DEX = 1 each level

Comments: Levels quickly at low levels, but the low HP will kill you later. If you’re looking for high damage, you might as well be a Blademaster instead.

B. Hybrid
Armor: Light for magic opponents, Heavy for physical opponents
VIT = 1 each level
STR = 2.5 each level
DEX = 1.5 each level
(or 2 Vit / 5 Str / 3 Dex every two levels)

Comments: same comments as Build A, except that you will have a decent base accuracy and critical hit rate. Works well in PVP if you go with the Demon path at lv 89. Also, being able to switch from heavy to light armors will allow you to tank magic damage better than Build A. Still not as useful as a tanker build though.

C. Tanker (Recommended Build)
Armor: Heavy
VIT = all points left over
STR = follow equipment requirements
DEX = follow equipment requirements
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Barbarian Basics - Guide
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